OPPO and Nendo concept a compact 3-folding smartphones

OPPO x nendo

OPPO and Japanese design team Nendo launch concept compact 3-folding smartphones and true wireless earbuds, today OPPO Publish 2 concept phone video title “slide-phone” Design | OPPO x nendo and Exploring the Possibilities of Future Design | OPPO x nendo video OPPO x nendo Concept phone slide-phone #OPPO.

The special part of this design shape of the phone size as a credit card, This phone has 3 hinged 4-segment body composition, and the true wireless earbuds is shaped like a mini doughnut.

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The total length of the screen is 7 inches, the default is a flip-folded, with different hinges, the screen can be changed to 8cm and 4cm, and the OPPO Pencil stylus built-in.

This co-branded phone is not only simple a folding display screen, can be divided into three stages to fold and slide to open, and it will show different sizes of phones. The first stage of the slide-phone will expose a 40mm screen for answering calls, receiving messages, application notifications, etc.

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Second 80mm display screen will be open, shot pictures, video, and even the side of the phone play specific games, third stage fully expands the screen. a unique long and thin shape with a size of about 7-inches display and a high screen-to-body ratio. the three screens can watch a video, play games, can be operated together. unfolded, fully folded, half unfolded, and half folded.

TWS earbuds— music-link : also includes AI speakers, portable chargers and wireless chargers. charging box can charge phones and earbuds.

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