OPPO Reno5 Pro Test Real Benchmarks

OPPO Reno 5

OPPO December 10 Released new OPPO Reno5 series Smartphones, Gizmoweek update Reno5 Pro version MTK Dimensity 1000+ processor Real Benchmarks test data. full spec : OPPO Reno 5, Reno 5 Pro and Reno 5 Pro+ Released . Based on the latest version of ColorOS 11.1-11_A.31 system

  • Performance running points Reno5 Pro with MTK Dimensity 1000+ processor, AnTuTu running points 52.5W+
  • Charging speed Reno5 Pro come with 65W fast charging, which can charge 97% in 30 minutes, and it takes 35 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%
  • App open speed, Gizmoweek evaluated the opening time of the new 20 app in 2-rounds, and the average of the 3-tests. 8G RAM version of OPPO Reno5 Pro took 185s, this test is a real finger touch app start test, there may be some mistake, for reference only.
  • Battery life, Reno 5 Pro 3-hour use battery life test remaining 73%, 5-hour running ( gaming app) battery life test remaining 35% (game app test conditions: Peace Elite HDR HD + ultra high 40 frames)
  • Gaming Experience: Reno 5 Pro 1-hour running peace elite APP HDR HD + ultra high 40 frames, the highest body temperature is 43.7℃ (this test condition: ambient temperature 25℃ ± 1℃), HDR high definition + ultra high 40 frames, average frame rate 39.88, frame rate fluctuation 0.32
  • Screen brightness: Reno 5 Pro manual maximum brightness is 426 nit, the peak screen brightness is 657 nit
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