RedmiBook Pro Ultrabooks use Intel 11th-Gen Core H35 CPU

Redmibook pro

Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi new RedmiBook Pro Ultrabooks thin and light laptops coming soon with the 11th-generation Intel Core new H35 series high-performance CPU.

Intel says these new 11th-gen Core Tiger Lake-H35 series processors are 10nm processors designed, all have 4 cores and 8 threads, the turbo frequency can reach 5.0GHz.

Intel 11th-Gen CPU use of Iris Xe core graphics card, mainstream games can run at full 60 frames under 1080P high quality, Intel defines Tiger Lake-H35 as a product for “ultraportable” ultra-portable gaming laptops, running 3A games with 1080P resolution, support meet the frame rate of more than 70 FPS.

The peak power of the H35 series CPU has reached 35W, and the performance can be better released. Before that, thin and light laptop generally used 28W TDP processors, from this point, New RedmiBook Pro should be able to better solve the problems of performance and thinness

Performance for the Intel new H-35 Core processor high-performance : single-threading is 15% higher than the 10th-gen Core U series, multi-threaded are increased by more than 40%, GPU graphics performance are improved more than twice.

This new redmibook pro and new Redmi flagship smartphone Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro will be officially released next month.

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