Samsung Android APP Leaks of Galaxy Buds Pro Function


Samsung’s next-generation flagship Galaxy S21 coming soon, also announced are Galaxy Buds Pro and the new Exynos 2100 chipset, the pre-sale for Samsung’s new flagship event on Samsung websites, if download new Samsung wearable APK and installed it, the Samsung application interface leaks a galaxy buds pro earbuds function.

From the app function, Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds have active noise reduction, moderate noise reduction and transparency modes, while adding hearing enhancement function, support realize the adjustment of the volume balance of the left and right earphones.

Support auto environment mode: auto-start when the user speaks, and auto turn off the function when the user stops speaking, the dialogue detection and noise control functions of the earbuds can also be activated through Samsung Bixby apps.

Support 3D audio: Realize virtual 3D sound effects when watching videos through the gyroscope on the earbuds feature requires a Galaxy device running One UI 3.0 system.

Head detection, sound detection : detected sound will automatically switch to ambient sound, reduce media volume. Airpods-like spatial audio: supports single-click, double-click, long-press and other touch operations.

Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds battery 61mAh, charging box battery 472mAh.

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