Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Reviews, Color, Price, Battery Life

Galaxy buds pro

Galaxy Buds Pro is the best sound quality and noise reduction performance of Samsung galaxy earbuds series so far, however, many restrictions in use, example: functions require the support of OneUI 3.1 and only available in the Galaxy S21 series, voice detection cannot be used on iPhone.

Galaxy Buds Pro will be the upgrade new-gen of TWS earbuds. TWS earbuds high-end products in the Android camp feature a brand-new design SiP (system in package), two sound units in one earplug through clever design, greatly improving the sound quality.

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Will pack 3D spatial audio, new feature that allows for 4 levels of ambient sound control, automatic voice detection., and audio sharing features added to the Galaxy Buds Pro, greatly enrich the use scenarios of TWS, as well as the acoustic design of the dual dynamic driver (11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter) , and real-time online voice assistants.

Supports self-recognition ANC and is also the highest waterproof level IPX7 waterproof and dust level, Galaxy Buds Pro single earbuds looks like Peppa Pig. Samsung took a different approach to the shape of the earbuds and also polished it.

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Battery life: Galaxy Buds Pro can play 5 hours of music at a time with noise reduction turned on, and the charging box can provide an additional 18 hours of battery life, and the battery life will be longer when noise reduction is turned off, support QI wireless + reverse charging.

Galaxy Buds Pro come with three colors black, violet, silver, at price $199.99.

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