The ECG function of Apple Watch Reviews

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About ECG function of Apple Watch, According to GizmoWeek previous article about Apple Watch ECG news : Chinese Grandma use Apple Watch ECG test finds atrial fibrillation ( Tim Cook Reply Email ), more discussion about ECG function of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is a single check fun, which can measure heart rate and detect atrial fibrillation. Since many heart diseases are transient, Apple Watch can quickly detect and give patients valuable life-saving time, mainly for diagnosis.

Apple Watch can diagnose without a doctor. Compared with the testing in the hospital, there is too little that can be done, and it does not meet the standards of medical equipment.

The ECG function of Apple Watch is actually more recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with heart disease in the hospital. If ordinary people want to check their heart conditions, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

Routine ECG and 24h dynamic ECG, even radiography and MRI, The Apple Watch ECG also clearly stated that it will not detect all heart diseases. Apple Watch is more about early warning than detection.

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