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Vivo TWS 3 Pro

Great that Vivo TWS 3 Pro Buds has a built-in body temperature monitoring feature that can alert temperature on apps, can be a useful tool for detecting potential health issues, such as a fever, which is often an early sign of COVID-19.

In addition to the body temperature monitoring feature, the Vivo TWS 3 Pro also offers high-quality audio and a comfortable fit, as the industry’s first full-link wireless true Hi-Fi earbud, it is designed to provide lossless audio transmission, ultra-low distortion decoding, and ultra-wideband sound.

The Buds also offer a powerful noise reduction capability, with a maximum noise reduction depth of 49dB and a noise reduction frequency range of 4000Hz, adjust the quietness and comfort level based on the user’s environment, ensuring that they remain comfortable and focused while using the earbuds.

Earbuds come with basic version and Pro, both versions of the earbuds support aptX Lossless lossless codes, which allows for the stream to reach up to 1.2Mbps. This ensures that the audio quality is as high as possible, providing a true HiFi soundtrack that is sure to impress.

In addition to the aptX Lossless technology, the Vivo TWS 3 earbuds also feature ultra-low distortion decoding and ultra-wideband sound unit. This combination of advanced technologies ensures that the earbuds provide a truly exceptional listening experience.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds have some shortcomings in terms of their touch experience, touch controls are not precise or sensitive enough, which can make it difficult to use the earbuds effectively, uncomfortable creaking sound when they pinch the internal parts of the earbuds.

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Additionally, the spatial audio feature of the earbuds may not be as advanced as some users would like, and there may be room for improvement.

Overall, while the Vivo TWS 3 earbuds offer a number of advanced features and high-quality audio, they may not be the best choice for everyone due to these potential shortcomings.

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