Xiaomi Paper Book Note launched with E-ink display

xiaomi Paper-Book note

So far, Xiaomi has launch a lot paper book device, even the latest pro version Duokan Paper Book price range around 150 USD, today, xiaomi official store online a new Paper Book named model “Xiaomi Paper Book Note”, price might be expensive ever, 350 U.S. dollars.

Xiaomi Paper Book Note offering a 10.3-inch E-ink display, comes with a 4096-level pressure-sensitive electromagnetic pens, which is convenient for users to write, supported connect by Bluetooth 5.2 and Wifi and with a Microphone, so we can connect to smartphone?

The Xiaomi Paper Book Note would be the biggest reader device I’ve used, 10.3-inch E-ink display with 3000mAh battery, a weight of 400g. It seems to be positioned more as a Kindle competitor with support for more documents, running Android 11 with doukan reader apps, allow users to import files in epub, txt, pdf and other formats.

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Spec list do not listed processor brand, only Quad Cortex-A55@1.8GHz, RAM 3GB +64GB ROM, doesn’t seem that bad. I’m always skeptical of Android devices of battery life though, but the new paper book built a 3000mAh and supporting 18W charging.

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